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Frequently Asked Questions - Water Drilling in Uganda

How deep must a borehole be?
Boreholes in Uganda are dug according to the hydrogeological survey which estimates the depth of a borehole. Water Drilling companies usually dig the borehole according to the recommended depth from the hydro geologists however can dig further upon a request from the client.
How long does it take to drill a borehole?
A borehole is dependent on many factors, the distance and accessibility to the site, the geology of the land scape and any complications that might arise on the site. Our drilling teams are well versed with many terrains and can deliver in a timely manner. The most typical time for the drilling and equipping of a borehole is a week but can be less or more depending on the above factors.
Plastic Casing or steel Casing, which is better?
As a client there are two types of casings available, plastic casing and a steel casing. Water Drilling requires that the borehole uses one material and cannot mix the two materials. Each have their advantages and their drawbacks. Plastic casing while cheaper, lighter and rust proof is also brittle and can break; the casing is usually used for depths less than 100 meters. On the other hand steel is quite strong and rigid and can go for large depths however this just like household piping can rust over time, this should be noted that it takes a while for this to happen, roughly about 75 years.
What distinguishes Water Drilling Companies in Uganda?
There are various factors that demonstrate a good drilling company. These are type of machinery that is being used; the experience of the team and the number of boreholes sank. These give an indication of the professionalism and quality of the work that is done. A Borehole is a lifetime investment it is essential to choose the right company to deliver the standards that you deserve. At Afrika Drillers Uganda Drilling we treat each borehole like our first with a lot of care and attention, this ensures that you have a quality product for generations to come.
Why is Borehole Drilling in Uganda so expensive?
Borehole drilling is a specialized job as such it requires well-equipped machinery, materials and highly trained staff to deliver the right results. The cost of inputs such as the fuel used, steel rods, casings and other items that are used in the borehole are also a bit costly. At Afrika Drillers Uganda Drillers we source for the right quality at the lowest price so we do not have to pass on the high cost to you. You can rely on us to give you amongst the most competitive rates in the market.
How long will a borehole last?
A good constructed Borehole can last for generations to generations. There are however some boreholes which require rehabilitation to ensure that they are in good working order. In Uganda we have successfully rehabilitated many Boreholes and tested the water content to ensure that the water was clean and safe for use. Many of our boreholes have been used for commercial or domestic use without any problems.
What happens when the Borehole turns out to be dry?
In some occasions Boreholes can turn out to be dry owing to a variety of reasons such as seasonality changes.  The water table is entirely reliant on nature; there is no guarantee that there will be water. We at Afrika Drillers Uganda Drillers recommend the best hydro-geologists in the market who can give you a better chance of finding water, we have a high success rate and have drilled over 300 boreholes successfully.
Which regions do you drill boreholes in Uganda?
At Afrika Drillers Uganda Drillers we are very mobile and have dug boreholes in almost each region in Uganda. We have served various communities and done some good work for NGOs in Uganda. In addition to this we have worked with government agencies, county governments and institutions.
As a Water drilling company in Uganda we have not limited ourselves to institutions we have done a lot of boreholes for people who want clean, secure and reliable water regardless of the region. Give us a call today and let us come to you!

Afrika Drillers Uganda Drillers have drilled water for a variety of clients for many different purposes:

  • Irrigation boreholes
  • Construction Boreholes
  • household /Domestic boreholes
  • Commercial Boreholes
  • Livestock boreholes
  • Industrial process boreholes
  • Golf and race course irrigation boreholes
  • General agricultural boreholes